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Originally Posted by XBN`grind
I don't think those analogies are correct. I just don't see how you can sell something that's illegal. Selling beer and cars are items that are not illegal. Selling to minors is, hence they get investigated, and probably fined. Just seems easier to go after the people selling illegal tint. Go to the source. I could be totally wrong, but that just seems more efficient to me.
In regards to the tint shops vs. selling alcohol to minors, you have to think of it this way. Tinting a car is an infraction (one in which there is really no harm done). Selling alcohol to a minor is a Misdemeanor (and a crime in which there will be harm done to someone). I agree that it would br more efficient, but there isn't the man power to worry about a large-scale sting operation to bust tint shops.
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