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Originally Posted by FlzRider
Hey frobie15, heres a quick one for ya. Do you make personal notes of the citations you write? I am pleading no contest to an improper lane change here in florida but the court date is 2.5 months away from when the citation was written and i am afraid he will not remember it. Reason i want him to remember is because i was super respectful and even apologized several times.
Sorry that I skipped you, but I think I'm getting five or six posts per day that I'm trying to give decent answer to, and you got lost in the shuffle...

Yeah, I take notes on the back of EVERY ticket I write. Things like traffic conditions/flow, what lane I and they were in, how many cars they passed, how many people were in the car, etc. I also make a note of a couple other things, one of which is attitude. If somone tells me "Thank you" I'm going to make a note of it. Same as if they start yelling at me....... Usually when I look at the place of the stop, and the car that they were driving, I can remember the majority of the ticket just from that.
Go ahead, ask me a question... Check out the CopTalk thread in the California forum

Thank you Sam
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