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Originally Posted by FIXEDupW203
--Do cops get paid overtime or extra for showing up to court? Do they penalized if they don't?
Yes, if it's my day off, or outside of my normal work shift, then I get paid overtime. On my day off, I get a minimum of four hours, even if it only takes me two hours to go to court, testify, and get home. We're required to go. There are some reasons why I wouldn't go to a traffic ticket, but they happen few and far between. I'd get in trouble if I didn't show up, so I just go

--What day and what time would you say is the best time to fihgt a ticket? TIA
It doesn't matter. They're all the same, really. Most of the courts assign you the day, rather than the other way around.
Go ahead, ask me a question... Check out the CopTalk thread in the California forum

Thank you Sam
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