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[QUOTE=bluecougarAgain with front window tint...lets say I park my car on my driveway and you notice my tint could you sign me a ticket?[/QUOTE]
Nope. Vehicle Code infractions aren't applicable on private property.

What if I'm driving the speed limit, my windows are down, I'm not putting anyone around me in a hazardous situation, and I get pulled over. The cop tells me to get out of my car so he can search it because of the fact that my car is modded. Is that enough reason to pull me over? Do I have the right to say no I dont want you to search my car?
There are new laws that people are trying to get passed into law allowing this. But, to my knowledge, your car being modded wouldn't allow them to search it. Even if it did, they could search under the hood, and that's about it. If I stopped you, I might pull you out of the car, but it could be for entirely different reasons Kidding, kidding. Your car could get impounded for being a "unsafe vehicle" just for the fact that your windshield is tinted, though. Just to give you a heads up.
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