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Originally Posted by e46m54325ci
the RR sport looks nice, but we test drove one, and to be honest, the thing is downright FOMOCO (ford motor for those not familiar) CHEAP ASS ****!!! the interior materials are cheap, the seats are terribly uncomfortable, and outside is clad in armoral sucking detroit plastics, the leather is plasticy and above all, present in the $90k RR S/C, BLACK PLASTIC MIRRORS?!?! you don't go spend $60-$70k+ to get non painted exterior mirrors, I mean you can buy RAV4s with painted mirrors, and they're standard on a toyota highlander, for christ's sake, plastic mirrors?!?! the car looks good but it's cheap and full of profit, BTW the ride and handling sucked compared to the Porsche Cayenne S, and we haven't driven a 4.8is yet but it's supposed to be even better than the Cayenne S.

Don't think I'm hating on the RR sport, it's a nice truck, and I loved it at first, but it's just not in the same league as these Euro Autobahn PowerCruisers, or w/e you want to call them, if however you want to do some semi-serious to serious off-roading and/or rock climbimg, the Land Rover will crawl circles around the Euro Autobahn PowerCruisers.
Interesting, I was beyond impressed with it at the auto show but maybe I need to take one for a drive.
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