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Originally Posted by crazyro
"But Bangle sincerely disagrees, and, moreover, he is fully backed by the weight of the BMW board of directors (BMW is still largely controlled by the will of the Quandt family), who specifically asked Bangle to move the company's image forward, whether traditionalists like it or not."
true, but I can assure you that an intelligent head of design would see that statement as a two-fold problem: 01) satisfy the Quandt family 02) satisfy bmw traditionalists

It seems to me that bangle was only able to fulfill half that necessary criteria; hence in my book, he's merely half a man. I despise the new bmw interiors, the new e90 is getting flack, and the 7 series had a huge uproar with its last inception. Perhaps bangle's staff were displeased with the full burden barring on him, but you forget every company has a chain of command, and bangle was on top. If the Minister of Finance was responsible for embezzlement would you solely blame his secretary???
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