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Originally Posted by tipsyhemi
go ahead, so me that there are NO M5s sitting there. talk to a dealer, just do it, see how well they are selling. ive got 3, JMK, PRESTIGE, and OPEN ROAD, all telling me that they arent selling like BMWNA is expecting them to.

im sorry i cant respect a man, that cant believe a BMW model can cool down. ITS A HOT CAR, ITS A GREAT CAR, AND I CONSIDERED PURCHASING IT.

but im sorry u cant get it through ur thick head, that it the rest of the world dont like i-drive/the styling/the motor as much as u do.

i think its sad that a frog can be so stubborn.
There are quite a few dealers with no M5's. Just like previous people said, just because your dealer has slow sales does not mean dealers in hot areas have slow sales. I can understand why people feel that you don't make any sense.

Mean mug you whores!
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