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Originally Posted by crazyro
Ok people, STOP BEATING THIS DEAD HORSE. I can't believe how many idiots are in this world. AGAIN, Bangle DID NOT design these cars, but merely approved them. Also, did you catch this?

"But Bangle sincerely disagrees, and, moreover, he is fully backed by the weight of the BMW board of directors (BMW is still largely controlled by the will of the Quandt family), who specifically asked Bangle to move the company's image forward, whether traditionalists like it or not."

Actually, some of the designers who penned some of the very controversial designs were upset that Bangle got all the heat. They want to be known as the ones who changed the BMW look, and yet, as Adrian put it, "Bangle gets all the heat. It's just not fair."

So, PLEASE stop this!

YES please. This is the first FACT that i've heard for awhile. Chris Bangle DID NOT DESIGN THE CARS!!!! IF you guys know anything about how a design is worked at bmw, it is suggested by many teams that compete for the job under certain guidelines. So PLEASE, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

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