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The new Bangle crap has hurt BMW IMO. I am proof. I wanted a new 3 series badly and I tried hard to like the new "styling" (trying to be generous) but couldn't get over it. I opted to buy a 1 year old E46 instead. I really preferred new but I couldn't pull the trigger on the new one. To make matters worse, if they don't fix the styling, my next car might not be a BMW. I drive BMW not for the status. I drive it for performance and feel but geeez, if you spend this much money and put up with buggy electronics, high long term maintenance and outrageous dealer prices, the car better look nice at least and the new designs are rolling abortions on wheels. The 7 series is the worst, 5 series is next worse and 3 series is the better of the three only because they toned down the Neu-Bangle Motifs. Even BMWs higher ups are on record now saying that controversial styling divides the fan base and that "maybe the went too far." I think that was in Roundel or Autoweek, I can't remember. The M5 is a great car but i-drive is crap, the interior is tacky looking and the outside is awful. Let's analyze this. The fact is there are lot of people like me that don't like the new styling. In previous M5s some people would say, the car looks plain or whatever but I never heard anyone say they "hated" the styling. I have heard many people say they hate the new styling. So now you have 1/3 of BMW fans that don't like the new styling. On such a low volume car like the M5, if you lose 33% of your market, that's a big deal.
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