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Those products a really generic lower end products geared toward main stream consumers who buy products at grocery stores or auto parts. The quality of the abrasives and solvents they use are very different from the higher end products like Menzerna. Products like Menzerna use quality abrasives that are extremely consistent in size an quality. Because the abrasives are engineered to gradually break down and become finer and finer they don't have a need for fillers. Many commercially/store bought products may yield a descent looking result but its is an illusion that is created with fillers, oils and silicones. After a few washes you are back to where you started.

Maybach, Mercedes and Chrysler now use Menzerna in their paint finishing plants. This says something about menzernas effectiveness.

If you have any other questions about Menzerna or detailing in general, don't hesitate to ask.

Brett @ OCD
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