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Originally Posted by reactionsok
frobie15 do u believe there are bad cops out there? and how would u define a bad cop?
Sure there are bad cops out there. Anyone who followed the Rampart (LAPD) scandal would probably agree that those were "bad cops". I guess that the definition of a "bad cop" would depend on you. Do you think it's bad that I speed when I'm on and off duty? What about the fact that I'll run red lights in the patrol car at 3:00 in the morning? I think that to be a bad cop, you'd have to do something ALOT worse than yelling at someone. I guess a violation of ethics (false arrests, theft, drug use, etc.) is what would make you bad. A mistake of the mind is forgiveable, but a mistake of the heart is not.

You have to remember that just because a cop yells at you, or treats you bad doesn't make them a bad cop, or a bad person. I have days when I wake up in a crappy mood and don't want to hear lame excuses for why someone should get a warning for going 90mph in a 65mph zone. I try to treat everyone with respect, but there are times when I snap at people. It happens to everyone.
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