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I have a question.. My biggest gripe with police officers is this.. Speeding and running lights.. Now If you have your lights on and are doing 80mph in a 50 that is understandable because it leads one to believe your responding to a call. HOWEVER why is it permissable for a police officer who CLEARLY isnt responding to a call to weave in and out of traffic and drive at high rates of speed.... Just because you are a cop doesnt mean you cant cause an accident. dont you agree? Also It seems to happen alot in MD Cops will always put on their lights at a traffic jam or at a red light and immediatley turn them off once they have gone through the light or gotten out of the jam. Now if I am driving at a high rate of speed and I get pulled over I would get a ticket which I am fine with. I took the risk and I pay for it.. But shouldnt you lead by example or pratice what you preach? how do you feel about this

Ps I cant agree with you more about the Drinking and driving.. its not worth it I have lost friends its a dumb idea

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