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or is it just you?
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Wow, I seriously just read 99% of all these posts. My best bud is going to the CHP academy in June so I'm looking forward to all of his stories.

Thanks for the nice open forum

One question I have and never gotten an answer on is about in dash tv's/dvd's. What's the rate at which people would get pulled over for having these on and what's the fine for them?


Oh, and I agree with your order of pulling cars over for speed. I hate it when I see old school vans and trucks fly by me at high rates of speed, these people have no ideas about tire speed ratings and what their vehicle was designed for. That's why I liked the Montana 'safe and prudent' speed law. If it was safe for your car to go that speed, then so be it as long as the flipside was enforced too!

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