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Originally Posted by UberBimmer
I have a question.. My biggest gripe with police officers is this.. Speeding and running lights.. Now If you have your lights on and are doing 80mph in a 50 that is understandable because it leads one to believe your responding to a call. HOWEVER why is it permissable for a police officer who CLEARLY isnt responding to a call to weave in and out of traffic and drive at high rates of speed.... Just because you are a cop doesnt mean you cant cause an accident. dont you agree? Also It seems to happen alot in MD Cops will always put on their lights at a traffic jam or at a red light and immediatley turn them off once they have gone through the light or gotten out of the jam. Now if I am driving at a high rate of speed and I get pulled over I would get a ticket which I am fine with. I took the risk and I pay for it..
I agree with you that sometimes we drive fast for no apparent reason. However, like Unveiled said, Most of the time we are enroute to something. Most people don't understand that Police work is just like work in any other corporation. It's all based on production. Are there quota's? No. But if I go out for 8 hours a day (It sucks nuts that I have to work five days a week) and do nothing, then what do I get paid for? Also, cops want to take bad people to jail. If by me driving everywhere at 90mph it gives me 15 more minutes in a day to look for someone who might be drunk, then so be it, that's what I'm going to do. Why do I not turn my lights on when I'm trying to get somewhere on the freeway? Because too many idiots out there will come to a complete stop in the fast lane rather than move over like they're supposed to. The answer to this is to just weave through traffic. Is it dangerous? Sure. Could it cause an accident? Yeah. But it will pretty much always be faster than rolling Code 3 (full lights/siren).

But shouldnt you lead by example or pratice what you preach? how do you feel about this?
Maybe I should lead by example and practice what I preach. Unfortunately this isn't a perfect world. I know that this is a bad excuse. Legally, we can't break the law unless we have a steady-lit red light to the front. But there are times when we have to break the law. Shouldn't you, as a concerned motorist, not speed? Isn't that unsafe and cause accidents? Why do you do it?
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