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Originally Posted by davidwarren
true, but more times than not, it appears that they are simply driving as fast as they want to without their lights on. I have followed cops on the highway going about 80 in a 55, with traffic moving at about 60-65 for miles and miles. There is no reason for that. In an urban area, there would be cops that are much closer to any event than these guys, they are just speeding because they can. It is a clear abuse of power.
"Miles and miles" doesn't seem that far to me. I've responded 26 miles to a call one night. And that's in Orange County, which is hardly rural. Took about 17 minutes at an average of 100mph. And, no, there weren't any CHP units closer. Like Unveiled said, just because lights aren't on, doesn't mean that there's not a call. I try to turn on my "excuse me lights" to the rear when I do this, but at night, people in front see the glow and slam on their brakes unexpectedly. To call it "a clear abuse of power" is unfortunate.

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