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Originally Posted by frobie15
I have no idea... I can do the same thing with a specific index card at work, but I don't do it often. And, I have no clue what happens to them after we turn them in. Our department is big on this, though, since we get our entire budget from registration fees/taxes.

And, I think it's really funny what you did to your ex!!!
I'm sure she thinks otherwise... I got my payback though

Originally Posted by frobie15
...Last night, while at the scene of an accident where a car had gone over the side of the road and flipped into a creek ...

Lucky he didn't kill all four of us............
Glad you guys are all OK... Stupid drunk drivers

A friend of mine was telling me about an LA County Sheriff motorcycle Deputy (45 years old) was killed last Friday (in Lancaster, I think) when a car turned in front of him as he was responding to a call (lights and sirens)...

May he rest in peace!
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