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Originally Posted by frobie15
Maybe I should lead by example and practice what I preach. Unfortunately this isn't a perfect world.
Originally Posted by frobie15
And, you're not going to want to hear this, but; most cops do not write other cops tickets (for speeding or otherwise). Cars look better with tinted windows, so most cops can get away with it. Is it BS? Maybe. But if you can't beat 'em, join 'em

Ok.. theres some pretty bad excuses lately for what cops should/shouldn't do. Now I really dont know what to think when I get pulled over. Why the hell should I get a ticket when the police, the almighty law of the road, can excuse themselves and other officers from what is WRONG. I can see this happening with murder or theft... I think you should rethink your answers, because now I have an even more negative view of officers and the police.

if you cant beat 'em join 'em...
are you SERIOUS? what kind of excuse is that?
dont officers join the force to protect and serve? and not to get out of tickets...?

Originally Posted by frobie15
Like I've said, I speed both on and off duty. It's something that everyone does. Is there are reason for me to speed on duty? Absolutely. The reason just might not be apparent to other people around me.
... Ill be sure to tell the next officer that pulls me over this one....
maybe he'll let me off with a warning

frobie, I know it takes a while to answer all the questions, and thank you for the honest opinions. I just cant get over cops and their daily power trips.
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