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I agree with either the ML or the X5 with the Pcar right behind

DO NOT GET THE TOUREG. I cant stress that enough. It looks and runs great but it is a quality nightmare.

I have never seen so many cars lemoned in my whole life. There are nightmare stories about the auto suspension leaving the thing stranded.

Cars just not starting for no reason, batteries running down prematurely.

That is just scratching the surface, its such a shame because the Treg was a very nice execution in style and functionality but like most VWs these days falls very short in quality.

Check out VWVortex there are alot of complaints about it.

Anyway I havent driven the new ML but I have heard its fantastic, I have drive the X4 4.4 (not 4.8 but its just that much better) and the Porsche, its really a matter of taste between the 2, I am curious though why the Porsche doesnt suffer from the same quality issues that the VW does.

I really like the RR alot actually but I did feel the Ford influence in it as others had.

I say X5 4.8 if you dont mind the style change next year. Its still gourgeous and a fantastic ride.

If you dont want to wait check out the new ML its muchhhhhhh better then the old one.

After that the Porsche (or maybe a tie with the ML on that one)

I am a bit bias on the X5 to this day I still think its the best looking SAV/SUV ever built.

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