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Originally Posted by bunnykiller67
Why the hell should I get a ticket when the police, the almighty law of the road, can excuse themselves and other officers from what is WRONG. I can see this happening with murder or theft...
It's obvious from this, and some of your other posts in other threads that you have a chip on your shoulder towards law enforcement in general. I got a speeding ticket about a year and a half ago. And there are some Cops out there who will write another Officer a ticket. You can see this happening with murder or theft? Come on! How many waiters and waitresses do you know who eat for free on the job? What about bar tenders that get get free drinks? Or someone who works at a clothing store that gets discounts on clothes? These are all called perks of the job. One of the perks of my job is that I likely will not get a ticket. It's a professional courtest that I extend to other Officers, and most of them extend to me as well.

if you cant beat 'em join 'em...
are you SERIOUS? what kind of excuse is that?
dont officers join the force to protect and serve? and not to get out of tickets...?
No, Officers don't join the force to protect and serve, they join to make a difference. I didn't join the CHP just so I could get out of tickets. I only had one speeding ticket before I got hired. How many times did I speed? All the time. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." is a phrase that has been around longer than anyone reading this thread has. It's said sarcastically, so take it with a grain of salt.

... Ill be sure to tell the next officer that pulls me over this one....
maybe he'll let me off with a warning
Everybody does speed, and tell the Officer that. I've heard it before. "But Officer, I was going the flow of traffic." It wouldn't be the first time I heard this excuse. You're trying to take things that I'm saying out of context. I'm telling you the truth in that everyone speeds. It's just that simple.

frobie, I know it takes a while to answer all the questions, and thank you for the honest opinions. I just cant get over cops and their daily power trips.
Oh, Okay. So now I have a power trip on a daily basis. You need to check your attitude somewhere else. Or, should I invite you out with me next time I'm on a skirmish line in the middle of a bunch of protestors throwing bottles and rocks at me. You think I deserve to get spit at just because I'm wearing a uniform? You think that Police work is all glamour? Give me a break.
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