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Originally Posted by UberBimmer
Yea but that is a blanket statement that can be said for anyone.. Who is to say that there are people out there that dont like me..and if they recognized me they would try to harm me... That arguement doesnt fly with me sorry.. a cop can be recognized walking down the street as easily as driving down one.. if someone wants to hurt you they will.. tint will not protect you
There could be people out there who don't like you. But, I doubt that people hate you based solely on your chosen profession. Do you drive home the same way everyday, not looking in your mirror to make sure that you're being followed? I doubt it. I take different routes home from work just to add to the hope that people don't find out where I live. The reason why most Officer's have their cars tinted is so certain people don't recognize them and follow them home. It's the same reason why I have Confidential Plates on all of my cars. People don't need to be able to find me at home. And if tint helps to ease my mind, then tint away.
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