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Originally Posted by USCTrojanMan29
I've been pulled over more than a few times (mostly by CHP) for non-moving violations (no front plate, tint, exhaust, etc). I wouldn't mind so much if the cop included tint or no plate on the ticket that I got for speeding, but getting pulled over only for such a thing like tint or no front plate is weak if you ask me. What are you thoughts on that? Do you pull people over for "fix-it" tickets without them committing a moving violation?
My personal rule is three mechanical violations gets a stop. That means a combination of tint, no front plate, no regisration, brake light out, view to license plate obstructed, things like that. If you've got three of 'em, I'll pull you over for it; but probably only if I'm bored. You've got to understand that this happens during rush hour (which is more like three-four hours in LaLa Land) when I'm not going to get speeders or anything that's a mover (i.e. speeding, lane change, tailgating).
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