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Originally Posted by frobie15
It's obvious from this, and some of your other posts in other threads that you have a chip on your shoulder towards law enforcement in general. I got a speeding ticket about a year and a half ago. And there are some Cops out there who will write another Officer a ticket. You can see this happening with murder or theft? Come on! How many waiters and waitresses do you know who eat for free on the job? What about bar tenders that get get free drinks? Or someone who works at a clothing store that gets discounts on clothes? These are all called perks of the job. One of the perks of my job is that I likely will not get a ticket. It's a professional courtest that I extend to other Officers, and most of them extend to me as well.

there are no perks of the job in law inforcement. You and every other officer make it a perk by allowing each other to get out of tickets. In resturants and bars, the owners allow employees to have these perks. There arent too many perks you get from government jobs... The mail man doesnt get to look into everyone mail, so why should you and other officers get out of tickets? looking into someone elses mail is illegal, and mail men would get fined/prosecuted for it. AT THE SAME TIME... officers get out of tickets because why? because "It's a professional courtest that I extend to other Officers, and most of them extend to me as well." There is no perk, the commissioner doesnt tell you "its ok"; just cops that wont write other cops tickets.

Everybody does speed, and tell the Officer that. I've heard it before. "But Officer, I was going the flow of traffic." It wouldn't be the first time I heard this excuse. You're trying to take things that I'm saying out of context. I'm telling you the truth in that everyone speeds. It's just that simple.

Oh, Okay. So now I have a power trip on a daily basis. You need to check your attitude somewhere else. Or, should I invite you out with me next time I'm on a skirmish line in the middle of a bunch of protestors throwing bottles and rocks at me. You think I deserve to get spit at just because I'm wearing a uniform? You think that Police work is all glamour? Give me a break.

Please dont acuse me of taking things out of context. I quote what you say exactly. Nor do I have an attitude that is disrespectful to you. In the above bold, you take what I say out of context. I never acuse you of having a power trip. Why do you assume that I would be the guy throwing bottles and rocks at you? I dont go to protests or do those things exactly for the reason you dont liek going to them to stop people from rioting. people get hurt, it costs the state money.
I dont talk down to officers when Im confronted by them, I always put my hands on the wheel, car off, keys on dash, look them straight in the eye, and say "sir". How can you assume so much about me? I undersatnd that police work is hard. I have family on duty too.

These are responses to your responses.
Not attacks, like you make them seem to be.
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