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Originally Posted by frobie15
How many waiters and waitresses do you know who eat for free on the job? What about bar tenders that get get free drinks? Or someone who works at a clothing store that gets discounts on clothes? These are all called perks of the job. One of the perks of my job is that I likely will not get a ticket.
waiters, bar tenders and store clerks are not agents of the state sworn to uphold and enforce the law. These 'perks' are what anger people when they get a ticket for something that other cops do all the time and do not get ticketed for, like speeding, or that link about the front licence plate when the cop did not have one as well. I don't see how, on one hand, you can say that you do not stop drivers, but cars that are speeding, but on the other hand, say that you would likely not ticket another officer as professional courtesy. It seems that you would turn a blind eye to whom you are ticketing if you were to be consistent. I think it is this inconsistency, this double standard, that creates a dislike or animosity towards cops.

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