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Originally Posted by bunnykiller67
there are no perks of the job in law enforcement.
You're right, there are no specific perks of the job. So we, as Officer's, create one. Oh the hummanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are responses to your responses.
Not attacks, like you make them seem to be.
Hrpmphh. I'm making them out to be attacks. Hrpmphh....

I'm trying to figure out if you really do have family in law enforcement. I think that someone who does wouldn't chime in on the "Cop's Suck" threads the way that you do. I fully understand why you think that it's hypocritical that I not write other Officer's tickets; or even that I speed. But let me ask you this. How often do you speed, roll stops signs, turn without signaling, stuff like that? You break the law, I promise. The only way you can fault me for what I do is if you are without sin, so to speak.

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