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Originally Posted by frobie15
You're right, there are no specific perks of the job. So we, as Officer's, create one. Oh the hummanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gonna have to live with it. There is a way to stop this though. Dont do it! and encourage other officers not to do it. Know its wrong --> dont do it.

Hrpmphh. I'm making them out to be attacks. Hrpmphh....

I'm trying to figure out if you really do have family in law enforcement. I think that someone who does wouldn't chime in on the "Cop's Suck" threads the way that you do. I fully understand why you think that it's hypocritical that I not write other Officer's tickets; or even that I speed. But let me ask you this. How often do you speed, roll stops signs, turn without signaling, stuff like that? You break the law, I promise. The only way you can fault me for what I do is if you are without sin, so to speak.

Yeah, I speed. and after I got the ticket I dont run stop signs anymore. XP
This thread isnt about me.
About the "cops suck" threads... I think Ive only been in two O_O

oh, I have a question(s):
I live in Davis, and soo many people ride bikes, its become the nations largest bike per capita, and 2nd in the world. Would you stop me at night for no bike light? reflectors? listening to music in both ears? And would I be highly likely to outrun you if you were in a car?

How do you handle a race situation? if two cars take off and you spot them and get behind both, one pulls over, and the other takes off. do you just go for the one thats stopped or do you attempt to pull over the one thats running? OR do you pull over both?

Do the cameras in intersections only snap the front licence plate? Does california require that both the licence plate and the driver be in the photo to issue a ticket? Is it true that if you just roll through a stop sign without hitting the gas (say in neutral) that you wont set off the camera. And is it true that if you accidentally roll through a stop light when red, and dont make it look like you tried to gun it, youll be able to avoid a ticket and even perhaps getting pulled over?

Im thinking of more all the time, but I forget most of them before I have a chance to write them.
Thanks frobie,
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