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Originally Posted by CroBmw
1. I have no front plate, i do keep it in a trunk. In case officer stops me for not having a front plate, can i put it on right in front of him?
Nope, it's not going to work. If your car is on the street without the front plate, then you could get a ticket for it, regardless of if you can put it on in front of the officer. That's the same as getting pulled over for not wearing your seatbelt, and saying, "sorry, I'll put it on. Please don't write me a ticket." Your seatbelt and your plate aren't on. Regardless of the fact that you can put it on doesn't mean that you weren't in violation of the law.

2. i have predators angel eyes, they are white colour. So far couple of officers were looking at it and gave me compliments how nice they are
Could they write a ticket for them?
I guess that they could say that it falls under 24003 VC because it's "modified lighting". But on the other hand, white and amber lights are allowed to show to the front, so it complies with that section (I can't remember what the specific section is off hand). I stopped somebody about two years ago on the SR-90 freeway heading towards Marina Del Rey who had DDE's (Ti-silver 325i - stock save for the lights). I thought they looked cool and debated getting them for my car. You could just use the argument that "BMW's come with them (which every new Bim' does).

3. I have a Remus exhaust, it's very quiet. Once i was parked in front of the starbucks and chp officer was looking at my car and comenting abut the pipes. I told him that exhaust is very quiet and it came with the car (of course it didn't) and he left .
Could he write a ticket for the pipes even they are not loud at all?
If it's not stock exhaust, then you probably could get a ticket. As long as it's quiet, then you shouldn't have to worry about it.
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