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Originally Posted by frobie15
Is it sad that it took me about thirty seconds to figure out what TIA means?

Anyway, back to the task at fingers. In the rain, obviously you shouldn't go
max speed. I know, you're never supposed to go over it, but, uhh, yeah. The safe speed would be 55mph, or less, depending on how hard it's raining and how wet the roads are. I'm not going to stop someone going 65, but if I'm only going 55 (or less) because of the weather, and you pass me, then I'll write that ticket. I know, "Who would pass a cop?" You'd be surprised!
so what is your take on passing cops?
I do it all the time, sometimes they are going a bit under or right at the speed limit, and traffic ahead and behind is moving ~5-10 over. A lot of times, everyone will slow down a create a traffic jam just so that they do not pass a cop, but I figure most of the time 5-10 over is OK, so I still pass. Never had a problem with this. I can see if you pass at >15 over....

What about when a cop comes up behind you?
I notice a lot of times people just slam on their brakes or get over immediately. If I am going around the speed limit, and a cop comes up behind me without lights on, I act just as if it were any other driver that wants to pass; sometimes I move, sometimes I do not. Although sometimes, I must admit, sometimes I will not move over because I know that he is just going to blow past me at a speed, that if I did, would get a ticket for.

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