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Originally Posted by davidwarren
so what is your take on passing cops?
I do it all the time, sometimes they are going a bit under or right at the speed limit, and traffic ahead and behind is moving ~5-10 over. A lot of times, everyone will slow down a create a traffic jam just so that they do not pass a cop, but I figure most of the time 5-10 over is OK, so I still pass. Never had a problem with this. I can see if you pass at >15 over....
I generally advise people to not pass a cop. Granted if they're going 25mph in stop and go traffic, then pass 'em with the flow. If they're going right at the speed limit, I wouldn't pass 'em. It's asking for trouble. If someone passes me when I'm right at the speed limit, then I'm going to write them a ticket. It might be for no front plate, or tint, or some other shenanigans that I can find, but passing a cop is ill-advised.

What about when a cop comes up behind you?
I notice a lot of times people just slam on their brakes or get over immediately. If I am going around the speed limit, and a cop comes up behind me without lights on, I act just as if it were any other driver that wants to pass; sometimes I move, sometimes I do not. Although sometimes, I must admit, sometimes I will not move over because I know that he is just going to blow past me at a speed, that if I did, would get a ticket for.
If they come up behind you, for the love of everything that is good, DO NOT hit your brakes. I HATE that. If you see 'em in your mirror, just signal, and move over. If they're coming up at a REALLY high rate of speed, it might be best to just stay put. If you do decide to change lanes, use your turn signal in advance (so they know you're going to move over) and only change lanes once. One of the guys I worked with in Los Angeles got lane changed three times by the same car who was trying to get out of his way. He was coming up at over 100mph. He ended up tearing the patrol car in half after he spun out and hit a tree!!!!
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