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Originally Posted by Snox400
Quick question for detailing experts, especially Detailed Image...

I bought both Klasse products from DI and LOVED the results. After the SG, I did not put on any carnauba wax. Its been about two months and I'm looking to refresh the shine with a wax, but wondering about any steps in between. I know using a cleaner will strip the paint of the Klasse, but is there any special step I should do other than a thorough wash? Thanks!
We're pleased you had great results with the Klasse Twins, for two coats, its one of the best routines out there, and the durability can't be beat. There definately is some Acrylic protection left if you did the process two months ago. Feel free to do a thorough wash using a good quality automotive shampoo and top it off with a Carnauba Wax. I'd say after another month or two, go ahead and redo the twins again since the paint takes more of a beating in the winter and it looks like you are in the north east with us .

Another great combo would be to wash & dry, top with Menzerna High Gloss Acrylic Shield (will bring out the work of the Klasse and give a mild coat of protection on top) then top with a Carnauba Wax such as Natty's from Poorboy's or P21s as our top choices.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have regarding the maintenance of your vehicle or any thing else regarding detailing.


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