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Originally Posted by myogr81
MSDS are not propriatery. He is supposed to provide them on request. Complain to your local workplace safety or workmen compensation office that you will be hiring help to do some work and your supplier is refusing to provide MSDS for the products.
myogr81 - It's not that Griots didn't provide an MSDS to me, it's just that when I got it, it wasn't much help. There is a "Trade Secret" clause that allows a chemical manufacturer to withhold certain info about their formulation. They also can reference the hazardous materials in a general way that identifies the hazards, but prevents you from identifying the specific component of the mixture, IE., "Petroleum Distillates".

I always like to compare Griot's prices to similar items in the Eastwood catalog - now there's a company for gearheads, although they seem to be getting a bit ricey lately. Nine different colors for your brake calipers, give me a break!

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