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Originally Posted by mashalah20
I got one about the carpool lane:

Suppose your speeding in the carpool lane, and there is no shoulder to your left (that is, the center divider is immediately to your left). If a cop comes behind you and turns on his lights, do you cross the double solid line to pull over to the right side of the freeway, or wait the mile or so until the broken lines come up? I'm always scared I'll end up in this situation and wait until the broken lines come up and have the cop think im running or something. Then again, if I cross the double solid, he might ticket me for that too! What should we do???
Per the California Vehicle Code when you see an emergency vehicle behind you with their lights on, you're supposed to move immediately to the right. If you're in the HOV lane and see a cop car with their lights on, just turn on your signal and SAFELY move to the right. Even if there's a left shoulder. Move to your right safely, one lane at a time. Anytime you get pulled over you should crack your window and listen for any specific instructions they might give you, though. Depending on how wide the center median is, I might have you go that way, but I'll tell you first.
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