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Originally Posted by bimmerboi330
If you are patroling in the canyons, areas like Angeles Crest Hwy, Mulholland Hwy, that kinda thing, what are the chances that you will attempt to pursue a fast car, obviously modified suspension car, in that kind of really tight cornering situation?

I mean, would you take a gamble on those small windy roads that you can catch up to the driver, and if you did, could you compare your Crown Vic or Camaro to a 330 or a M3?
Jim (My 330Ci) will out handle the Crown Vic eight days a week. But, that doesn't mean that I wouldn't give chase. I drive the Crown Vic at higher speeds than I do Jim. And I corner harder in the CV than in my own car. Why? Because I do it more often in the CV, and I'm more comfortable doing it in a car that I slid around a track, than in one that has limits which I've yet to push. But, could I post a faster time through a stretch of road, or track, in Jim than I could in the CV? Sure. But I have to pay for the repair bill when I break something in my own car.

And the other question, how easy is it in court to disprove a visual estimation ticket at night when the officer was going the other way on a divided road, or pacing over about 1/4 mile on a road that has speed bumps? ticket is 35 in a 25 at 11:40 Fri night.
It all depends on the exact situation. Were you going faster than that, or is that just what you were cited for? I assume, since the street has speed bumps, that it was in a residential area. You have to think about it this way:

While 10mph of the limit doesn't seem like alot, you were going 140% of the speed limit, right? Now, if you were going 140% of the speed limit on one of SoCal's 65mph freeways, then you'd be going 91mph. That's fast, but if it's all relative, then you were flying down that road!
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