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Originally Posted by elemnt | 0ne
I have a question too...

Suppose someone here has the same Nova 4 strobes that police cars have.

If someone had them installed in their front turn signal and rear tail lights (in the clear part) and had them on and a cop saw them, would they get arrested or just ticketed? Keep in mind, it would have the same 'strobe pattern' as a police car, but would be in a bright white, instead of red and blue.


In addition to the CVC violation that Frobie mentioned, keep in mind that if you are able to "deceive any ordinary, reasonable person" into believing that you are a police officer (or police car in this case), and pull over or otherwise intimidate or delay someone, you are subject to a felony charge under P.C. 146a(b) for impersonating.

In my opinion, there are not many people with strobes in the corners that are on the is not a normal thing to do unless its for a show car or something
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