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Originally Posted by deafboy
So I was putting some silicone spray in my door handles (to prevent them from sticking) and some ran down the side of my door. I wiped it off and I noticed that the area in which it was on became VERY slick. So I thought what the hell. I took the spray and sprayed my rear (right behind the tires) figuring this might help keep dirt from sticking to the back. Keep in mind I sprayed this after I washed my car.

I was just wondering. Could this silicone spray damage my paint?
I would refrain from spraying silicone in your paint. Silicone has no benefit but it is usually carried in a mineral spirit or other type solvent base that can be very drying to the paint. These solvents can permeate all the way to the underlying plastic. I would stick with a good polymer based sealant for these areas.

You can equate silicone on the paint to baby oil on the skin. It will shine but does not nourish or improve anything. Moisturizer is preferred for skin as opposed to oil. Glaze and wax is preferred for paint as opposed to silicone.

I hope this helps

Brett @ OCD
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