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Originally Posted by calibimmer
most of it seems obvious but with bimmerfest coming up this weekend i had a good idea for you to post some information. What do you think would be top 5 or top 10 tips you can give everyone for driving to bimmerfest/ driving around in SB while at bimmerfest.
I guess the top driving tips to/during/from bimmerfest would be these:

1) Be cool. Nothing looks better than rolling up the freeway in a huge pack of cars when you're all obeying the speed limit. Nothing looks worse than a group of cars driving like idiots.

2) Get communicating. Get Walkie Talkies in every car. Or, make sure that everyone in the group has everyone else's phone number. Nothing worse than being the last car, getting caught out at a red light, and getting lost all alone

3) As simple as it sounds, obey the laws. Don't California stop that stop sign. There are going to be alot of cops out during this, and you don't want to be the one that has your trip ruined by something like this.

4) Try to fly "under the radar". Not the speed radar that I use, but the visual radar. The less attention you draw to yourself on the road, the better off you are. No loud stereos, no strobes , and no driving around at night without your lights on (it sounds simple, but you'd be suprised).

5) No drinking and driving. Again, sounds simple, but all it takes is one too many to turn your weekend, into hell. There's enough people rolling to the 'fest that there should be DD's aplenty.

6) No weapons. Unless, of course, you can carry them legally. The last thing anybody here needs is to be carrying that knife that they THOUGHT was legal, only to get jacked up by the cops for it.

7) Just use plain common sense. Plan for a couple of stops on the way for everybody to re-group in case they get separated. And never, stop on the freeway to wait for someone. Get off the freeway. Have at least one person carry a fairly complete set of tools with them. And some spare parts; spark plugs, oil, belts, and make sure that at least a couple of people in the group have a spare tire (a spare from a 330 would be best, that way it'll fit every car in the group).

That's all I can think of for now.
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