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Originally Posted by nacho
It takes the Germans longer because they do it right first of all. Secondly, up until this last year there was a difference between German HP and Japanese HP. Yes it's true. Japanese and Germans were using different standards to rate horsepower. The German way is more accurate of real life since it included attached accessories that would be included in the car. The Japanese way was bullshit. They were inflating their HP ratings by testing motors without accessories that rob HP. How do I know this. I just learned a $30,000 lesson. I bought a 200 Bullshit HP Acura TSX because the 325i was only 184 Real HP. The car never broke 8 seconds 0-60 even with the cool 6 speed gearbox.
Then they announce that they are applying the new standard to Japanese cars and my 200 BS HP TSX, dropped in rated HP. I kept it 10 months and sold it. I bought a used 325i with a 5 speed and only 184 HP. The 325i is much quicker than my old TSX bu over half a second. FACT.

Finally, I have been involved with cars for over 20 years and have even worked in Nissan's GTP program in the Dyno testing rooms and HP is not everything by itself. When we started winning races in IMSA GTP we were using a 1000 HP Single Turbo car and eventually finished with a 800 HP thin turbo that was still quicker. So automotive design involves more than just the top HP rating. It is a combination of HP+Torque+Weight+Gearing.

Finally, while those cars you mentioned made a lot of power, they also had serious issues like oil usage, terrible mileage, reliability problems, Toyota had head problems, etc. Yes the Germans are slow and cautious but it is because they design cars holistically, not just going for the ego numbers. That is why we love them and that is the lesson I learned with my TSX.
Great input.
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