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Originally Posted by nacho
.... So automotive design involves more than just the top HP rating. It is a combination of HP+Torque+Weight+Gearing.

Finally, while those cars you mentioned made a lot of power, they also had serious issues like oil usage, terrible mileage, reliability problems, Toyota had head problems, etc. Yes the Germans are slow and cautious but it is because they design cars holistically, not just going for the ego numbers. That is why we love them and that is the lesson I learned with my TSX.
This was exactly what I was trying to say earlier. If they wanted to I am sure they could get 400hp easily out of this setup, but at what cost.

With this current setup it will be faster then anything in its class and get better MPG as well.

Its setup for power throughout the range which again I will say is a BMW hallmark, not peaky highs.

Its also setup to be smooth, another BMW trademark.

Lastly since the M3 is 400hp how much higher do you want them to go? And if they did the price would be alot more. Think of other things that go into creating that much HP, larger brakes, stiffer suspension more electronics, there is more cost involved.

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