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Originally Posted by Staszek
Its setup for power throughout the range which again I will say is a BMW hallmark, not peaky highs.

Its also setup to be smooth, another BMW trademark.
Exactly, well said. I didn't mention it either but among the other issues I had with my brand new Acura TSX was the the power band was peaky and a little loud in respect to the power it was making. The fully electronic gas pedal was a pain the butt to get used to. It had "no feel". The car was zingy yet not really fast. The steering was nervous at high speed. The brakes were overboosted at low speed and yet not really any stronger than my 325i brakes. The clutch was super soft for comfort but vague and had a long throw. It was difficult to drive the car smoothly if you were being aggressive. The seats were uncomfortable and though it has an awesome 6 speed, it started gettng notchy at 10K miles. Second gear was grinding sometimes. I never really got comfortable with the car even though ON PAPER it was everything the 325 with more options. In reality, the 325i is much better. The driving experience is awesome. The car is not a rocket, but smooth thrust that is still faster than the TSX. The brakes feel perfect, the clutch is perfect in the way it engages. The sport seats are very nice. Sill not the best, but much better than Honda sport seats. The Bmw seats actually hold you in when cornering. So the point is, we like German cars because the Germans are obsessive about making a harmonic machine were all components work together. If I would take a shot at the Germans, it would be in their electronics. It would be fair to say in that case that the Japanese are probably better but not just basing it on a HP figure which can be very misleading. I recently got a review also about the new Lexus 350. On paper it is faster than the 330, it has more power, etc. But every reviewer, still picks the 330 over it because they say the car feels unstable at hight speed and too much electronic intrusion. The fact is, the Japanese are very close and they have some things that are better, but they can't seem to put the whole package together. One day they will, I think but they are still not yet when it comes to the driving experience. They have already beaten the Germans in the Value but value does not inspire. I own a Toyota truck for value but I don't just want value in my life. That would be like picking a wife because she is a good value or is just has a higher sex rating without taking into respect the "whole package."

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