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Circuit Citys warranties on the plasmas run in 3 and 5 year increments... i believe you got the 3 year........

We cover anything that happens to the Tv other than physical damage and acts of god, burn in is considered physical damage BUT i have seen people b!tch a lot and get the Tv replaced.. as far as replacement goes, we really dont like servicing plasmas, most the time when something goes wrong with one we will offer replace it with the same model or a comparable model or let you upgrade... if a button breaks, ya we're going to fix it, but if your tv has plasma lines running across it youll be getting a new tv.. its all in home as well, and the tech will most likely be able to tell you on the spot if its worth fixing.. Id say keep the warranty, ive seen to many customers have problems with their plasmas then get mad at us a year down the road because the only thing we will do is send it to the MANUF.

We do cover all types of powersurges
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