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Originally Posted by 3erdriver
There are a couple things to consider in this. The average consumer isn't going to want to mod their car, mainly because of warranty issues. With an NA engine you can add parts and even change the ECU, and it's gonna be hard for the dealer to prove the parts had an effect on the engine. But when you increase the boost it's really easy to say that's what cause any problems. Plus you're gonna have the issue that the current e46's have now. You can supercharge a 330 and get the same power levels as an m3 but because the M3 revs so much higher it ends up having faster acceleration times because there's more powerband between shifts. Assuming the new e90 m3 v-8 is derived from the current m5/6 v-10 (which has more or less been confirmed), the engine will rev incredibly high (somewhere in the vacinity 8000 rpms). So while it will be easy to get to the e90 M3 power levels, the M3 will still be quicker due to an extra gear (assuming the 7speed SMG) and higher redline. Plus to get M3 handling performance you're gonna have to overhaul the suspension of the 335, and possibly ditch some weight. So it adds up. But all in all the 335 WILL be the incredible tuning platform that we've been waiting years for.
I agree with what you said but I want to clarify one thing. As you said, a lot of people think that adding a SC makes your 330 and M3. I have seen these claims all the time. Especially in the auto trader but it's not just gearing. The M3 is built from the ground up to go fast. It is not just a powerful engine but it has additional aluminum components that are steel in the 330 so in order to really make an M3 out of 330 you would actually have to swap so many pieces, fenders, etc. that are in fact lighter. So it is very difficult to make your 330 an M3. You might be able to make it almost fast enough but the extra weight will hurt you in handling, braking, etc.
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