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Originally Posted by 04ImolaZHP
see, my point exactly!!! why do i have to do that when they could have just as easily done that!?!?!

at least with my car you could say that they did it because it would have been cost prohibitive to build an NA engine to produce 300+ hp. with the turbo they have no excuse! it is like me buying a supercharger that only added 50 hp for $5k. nobody on this board would do it. and if they did they would be looking for larger pullies etc. why not just do it right from the begining.

You are buying an aftermarket supercharger. With this setup it is completely stock WITH factory warranty. FI is a major bragging factor with this car, that alone will sell many of them. If you read the article you are not only gaining horsepower but also a 34% increase in torque with a broader powerband! A gain of 75 torque is major. The potential for this car is great too. Like it was said before a chip could very well increase output 50-75hp + torque to boot.

Why don't they increase tuning to begin with? Emissions! Plus it is perfectly placed in between the 330 and M3. If you have 40k+ to spend on this car then you have enough for a 500 dollar chip if you need that extra power. I for one cant wait for this car to come out. It is definately a major contender for my next car!
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