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Originally Posted by 04ImolaZHP
i dont disagree with you guys on what you are saying. i absolutely love bmw's as exhibited by the fact that we have two. as you will note above i said the same thing you did in my post.

i am just comparing a bmw with a bmw. in fact i am comparing the same line of cars. i am looking at potentially dropping a supercharger in my car and am looking to pick up an extra 100+ hp with the stage one kit for like $5k. that is still more hp than what the new 335i will be and i guarantee you that mine will be faster and will drive just as good as the 335i. so, for once we are comparing apples for apples. i mean on paper the e90 330i should be faster and better than the e46 zhp but it is not. it has more hp, the same differential and other improvements but is not better. now add 47 hp and it should be faster but in my opinion the new 335i should be just about in the old m3 territory which with what i am seeing it probably will not be short of a different rear end and other improvements.

all i am saying is that they CAN do better. why waste a twin turbo for 47 hp? if you're gonna put a turbo do it right and get at least 100 hp out of it. that is all i am saying. hell, they are putting a twin turbo which they had to develop etc, when they could have just as easily stuffed the old m3 engine there and saved themselves a bunch of r&d costs and had one hell of a car. instead they waisted a bunch of money making an underachiever engine super duper smooth when they already had one ready.

to each their own, some of you like the new styling some dont. i happen to not like the new styling and found that the engine configurations do not do anything for me either. at least with the 5 series, even though i dont like the styling, i have an engine that inspires me.

and please dont tell me that the supras had problems. it is not like our cars are perfect...
I agree with you on putting the old m3 engine in, but then I guarantee alot of critics would start the whole "BMW is becoming lazy" "aren't they supposed to be the pinnacle of engineering?
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