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Originally Posted by slow323ci
One thing I like about CR as a source of information is that they are not emotionally involved with any of the products they test. They approach everything as if it was a ho-hum aplliance. I hate their car reviews because of that but appreciate that they cut through a lot of the BS.

When I bought my TV I looked at every information source I could find. I could afford to buy any TV on the market, but I don't like to waste my money. So if someone is willing to spend 25% more on a Pioneer TV that has a picture that is literally a hair better (if that) for HD programming, and significantly WORSE on standard-def programming, hey, it's a free country.

But to say that CR (which has an video testing facility that would embarass most A/V magazines) is a bad source of information is completely ignorant.
Since this is a car forum, look at it this way:

Our cars can run 14 second quarter mile pretty easily with some mods, but getting the extra 1-2 second off to make our cars run a 12-13 second quarter mile would require a lot more money. FI, weight reductions, etc that will cost a whole lot more money. That 1-2 second to someone that can careless about a car would mean nothing, but to a car guy, it is big deal.

Same with Pioneer vs Panasonic, the difference is there, it is just down to how much you're willing to spend for the better product.

Originally Posted by oie77
I think they'd come out and look at it, and then tell you there's nothing wrong with it. They certainly won't do an ISF calibration. You should spend $20 on the Avia DVD and adjust it yourself.
If you think a AVIA disk will do the same job as a true ISF calibration.....
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