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Originally Posted by FloridaE46
Im pretty sure consumer reports rates their products for best all around INCLUDING PRICE...
Price is not a factor in their ratings. If something performs especially well for the price they highlight it as a "best buy" but that doesn't change its overall ranking.

The Panasonic is at the top of their ratings because its HD performance is very good but its standard-def performance is superior (relative to other plasmas). Since 90% of TV programming is still standard def that's a pretty important factor - hate to say it but standard def on the Pioneer (and almost every other plasma) is shitty (and shamefull considering the price). The Panasonic is at least watchable.

Consumer plasmas from LG, Hitachi, Fujitsu look like ass. Sorry, they do. In November 2005 I looked at every 50" plasma on the market that cost less than $6500. Back and forth and back and forth until I thought I was going insane.

But everyone has their own opinions, some people have different preferences for color balance, white level, etc. so even a technically perfect picture may seem off. Use your own eyes and make your own decision, no substitute for that.
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