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My Cortina

Straight cut & paste from my garage on the nissan forums.

1980 Ford TE Cortina Ghia (May Build)

ZL fairlane 250 xflow block 8.2:1 compression, loose tolerances for more oil slosh at less pressure (running mobil 1 5W50)
balanced, half grout/resin filled
ACL 27cc pistons with chrome moly rings.
stock polished and peened rods
ARP bolts & head studs
stock crank but knifeedged, polished and peened
running on avgas 100/130
Crow Cams double row timing chain
Crow Cams adjustable cam timing set
Custom alternator bracket
C1 alloy race head, ported and flowed. large valves, double springs, kline seals.
Surecam 300duration/.540 lift cam, 114 lobe separation retarded 6 degrees to sit 1 advanced.
antipump up lifters
2x910 fuel pumps, 4litre surge tank -8 fuel lines.
Facet lifter pump
all braided line & speedflow fittings.
braided -10 fuel lines into surge tank and -8 supply and -8 return tto/from rail.
-4 teflon braid oil supply line, -10 teflon oil return line
-4 teflon line for boost gauge & oil pressure gauge
-8 braid for booster
-8 braided for oil cooler and remote oil filter
-8 braided for turbo water feed and return lines
-10 braid for oil/air seperator
-8 in & out fram efi fuel filter
Customised Xf distributor to take a signature tooth EB multipoint, crow cams hardend gear
MSD 6A CDI ignition system
Eagle 9mm leads
modified (milled flat) xf/zl alloy rocker cover
Malpassi fuel regulator
EL falcon gear reduction starter motor
aircon unit removed
all sound proofing removed
heater box modifed to fit around manifold
heating/cooling vent circut inside removed
accelerator pedal modifed (along with cable listed elsewhere) to give more travel
Custom 2.7 metre double teflon throttle cable (with XF end throttle body side, cortina pedal side)
Battery reallocated to left hand side of the boot, Engine bay modified to remove battery tray etc.
Custom fuel tank with 2x-10 speedflow pickups added to rear. front pickup deleted.
Custom blow off made from XF falcon EGR valve and 90mm alloy block. perforate inner ring to help cope with >20psi.
Hidden wiring, removed all the junk ford put in that wasn't used.
EB Multippoint Throttle body modified to take modifed cable. The inbuilt idle control valve gives antilag, launch control and other features. allows car to idle smooth between 850 & 900 even with the big cam.
Earls trans cooler
Earls oil cooler
Lokmar -8 24" braided trans oil filler
Earls remote oil filter kit to take holden oil filter **shudders**
Custom paint job, removed door locks & boot locks & badges
Custom intercooler (painted black now), each inner tube welded to plate and bellmouthed!! 630x450x55mm
Valeo core. sjf silicone.
K&N filter
Custom 9L inlet manifold, bellmouthed and mated to head
Custom exhaust manifold
Custom 3" exhaust (AAA exhausts) , stainless front race magnium muffler and resinator.
Custom exhaust flange for 3" dump and 1.5" screamer pipe.
Custom traction control setup, wheelspeed setup using AU falcon abs sensor & chopper disk for front and custom chopper disk for driven wheel input.
Custom brake setup using 287mm XY falcon rotors & S4/5 Mazda 4spot calipers using custom upright adapter
5stud conversion to take 5x114.3 wheels with 20 to 40P offset 25P preferable, currently running 16" R32 GTS-T wheels and sometimes R33 GTS-T wheels.
Modified radiator to 3core.
Modifed waterpump front snout to take falcon GT engine fan
6xS5 Rx7 high impedance injectors flowed at 585ccm at 85% duty at 45psi sitting in modified XF rail.
arp head studs now to keep the head on the block > 15psi boost - currently running 23psi.
MV c4 auto, stage 2 valve body, 2000 rpm stall convertor with 4 one way valves on actuator line to handle the boost. Works ok and gives me D gear but really needs full manual with transbrake.
Modifed standard shifter to suit the C4, extended linkage and modded gate
1.06 a/r single entry garret rear housing on the s5 rx7 core. 10mm custom spacer to put P trim rear wheel in correct spot on housing. Super v front for now with standard Rx7 front cover customised to take a 3" inlet. Internally ported and polished. larger wastegate button.
Aurora (industrial HD springs)
Monroe GT gas shockers
Nolathane eurothane bushes all round
3.23 4 pinion LSD diff
Autronic SM4 engine management
2xSoundstream 10" subwoofers in custom ported enclosure
Rockford Fostgate DSM reference amp 2 channel - according to factory test sheet 25wrms @ 4ohms per channel, 264 wrms @ 2 ohms per channel
Pioneer 6" mids in doors
Jaycar tweeters
Panasonic double din deck - VZ303
Panasonic 8 disc CD stacker
Mk3 Supra electric seats
Autometer gauges for boost, oil pressure, air fuel, revs
Door locks removed from inside of vehicle, EL falcon central locking button installed inside.
Boot lock button also added inside.
VDO electric fuel pressure into Autronic - for virtual dash
Boomerang Alpha car alarm
rerolled and rechromed bumper bars
35% tint all round.
restored crash pad replaced the weatherd & cracked one.
obligatory defect sticker on front window after 2 days of registration

234rwkw@14.5psi with the old engine management (Haltech F9 with no ignition control)
270rwkw@19psi with the old engine management (Haltech F9 with no ignition control)
On the 234rwkw run it had 808Nm of torque @ from 2000 going down to 550Nm @5200rpm @ the engine using 25% estimate of loss thru auto drivetrain.
On the 270rwkw run it had 937Nm of torque @ from 1863 going down to 670Nm @5500rpm @ the engine using 25% estimate of loss thru auto drivetrain.

Next dyno with the Autronic SM4 im looking for 300rwkw @ 23psi of boost.

power flat from 2000rpm to 5500rpm,

old na combo with 122rwkw, auto gave 14.1@96mph - shifting gears at 5800 to 6000rpm
old turbo combo with 155rwkw auto gave 13.01@98mph - doing 92mph at the 1000ft mark, car refused to pull from then on due to incorrectly sized rear housing. shifting gears at 3200rpm

goal with 270rwkw is flat 11 at about 120mph on street tyres (hence the traction control) with a revlimit of 5500. for more photos

all work done by me with help from some boys in the cortina club.
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