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For that raised spec there is many different possible solutions, sand paper should be option Z. I assume that it didn't come off with a simple wash or the polishes you talked about before, therefore its likely not oxidation, because those polishes typically will remove oxidation. A slightly more aggressive polish is the P21S Finish Restorer. This is great at removing oxidation, rail dust, contaminates and more. Another option is to use a clay bar on the surface to safely pull the spec off the surface. This works on debris thats not too tightly bonded to the wheel. If the polish and clay doesn't work you can use a cleaner like Tarminator (similar effect to mineral spirits, gas, WD-40, etc.) This is a strong cleaner that seperates just about anything from the surface. Put some on a clean rag and wipe it on the spec until it loosens. Make sure any surface you apply this to is thoroughly cleaned after and not with your regular cleaning tools. If you have any questions please let me know.

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