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Originally Posted by Tenchi
why does everyone put it down as a bmw folly?
They aren't selling. BMW is hoping the M Roadster will help, and the press seems to like the M Coupe, but for most people the looks are too radical, at least in magazines. It's a car you really have to see in the metal - I've gotten nothing but favorable responses to mine. Last week someone in a 745i rolled down his windows and exclaimed "That's a BMW?" Seeing that front end in your rearview, especially with the yellow sidelights on, is a serious "WTF-is-that?" experience; car looks deadly.

It's too bad - it's a seriously fun car to drive, more people should give it a chance. Especially 3-series owners - the performance of the Z4 is a lot of what most people are modding their cars toward - lower, more urgent, with better handling.
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