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As mentioned prior, it would be ideal to get the HU to output a differential signal like the case of the HK system and tap into that using a SVEN converter.

The evidence to support the idea that the amp'd HUs can provide differential signals is appealing - the HU in the HK system is the same as the one in the non-HK non-external amp system.. one outputs a differential signal and one doesn't - which leads me and most others to believe the stock HU can detect, and then determine what type of output signal to put out.

Ideally I would like to tap all four corners via the differential signal (going on the above theory) - LF, RF, RL, RR. See the diagram as their pinouts are mapped out.

Theoretically, if the HU is smart enough to detect what signal to output - then all one would have to do would be to tap the 8 wires identified, and run a SVEN4 and 2 sets of patch cables to my 4 channel amp.

This is where I left off for tonight, as Monday monring soon approaches.

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