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Originally Posted by e4t6
Initially I did not get the rear bulb out warning. But once my car's LCM computer "learned" something was different (the obvious lower LED electrical resistance), the dash warning came on a couple of hours later. As suggested by another fanatic, I bought three resistor kits (the kit includes 2 resistors and the necessary quick connects; each kit is $9.99) from the Ebay seller velocityleds_1. These resistors are specific for curing automotive LED problems: no flash, fast flash, and bulb out warning. These resistors are very nice with their built in orange anodized finned heat sinks to cool them down. Very trick. You'll need a resistor for each LED function your LED tail light has: signal, brake, park. . .six total for the pair of Eagle Eyes e46 units. I mounted each resistor, with 3M automotive trim tape, behind the trunk lining on a convenient solid car body platform location. There is enough room in these locations for the heat sinks to do their job of cooling the resistors. Another Fanatic used a computer fan to further cool his resistors, which were all mounted and contained in an aluminum box. There's no need for this overkill, but the idea is "cool". Excuse the pun. ---BTW, I love these awsome tail lights!

Hey, I was just thinking about your post and the pics of your resistors that are supposedly on the 3M double sticky tape inside your trunk panels, that you just might want to check them out periodically. As per a website I just found that sells these, here's the quote, and this is exactly why I mounted them in that box, cause trust me, thest things get HOTTTTT.

"Caution, this Load resistor (AUT-RES-6-50) gets extremely hot and needs to be installed correctly. The flat surface of the AUT-RES-6-50 needs to make a good secure contact on a clean flat metal surface on your car or motorcycle. This will act as a heat sink which should keep the Load resistor (AUT-RES-6-50) cooler. Keep this Load resistor (AUT-RES-6-50) away from oil, making contact with skin, plastic, wires and combustible gases and material. LEDtronics is Not responsible for damage caused to persons or property with installation of the Load resistor (AUT-RES-6-50)."
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