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Originally Posted by trizzuth
Hey, I was just thinking about your post and the pics of your resistors that are supposedly on the 3M double sticky tape inside your trunk panels, that you just might want to check them out periodically. As per a website I just found that sells these, here's the quote, and this is exactly why I mounted them in that box, cause trust me, thest things get HOTTTTT.

"Caution, this Load resistor (AUT-RES-6-50) gets extremely hot and needs to be installed correctly. The flat surface of the AUT-RES-6-50 needs to make a good secure contact on a clean flat metal surface on your car or motorcycle. This will act as a heat sink which should keep the Load resistor (AUT-RES-6-50) cooler. Keep this Load resistor (AUT-RES-6-50) away from oil, making contact with skin, plastic, wires and combustible gases and material. LEDtronics is Not responsible for damage caused to persons or property with installation of the Load resistor (AUT-RES-6-50)."
Keep in mind, these resistors are working in conjuction with the Eagle Eyes built in resistors. I don't know if your facelift LED tails have built in resistors. No problems with over heating resistors in my e46. Warm to the touch at the most after a 4 hour night drive. The heat sink is very effective, very nicely designed. The open area behind the trunk liner allows plenty of air around the resistors to keep 'em cool enough. I also have similar resistors for my 2005 Honda CBR600RR LED tail light (which is on every second the ignition switch is on) with integrated LED signals. However, those resistors are without the heat sinks and run warmer than the ones in my e46, but not to the point of melting anything. ---Also unlike your facelift LEDs, the Eagle Eyes pre-facelift LEDs come with a finished trunk light panel similar to the OEM trunk light panel. The only difference is that they are held in with a knob vs OEM being held in with a clip.

Thanks for your concerns. It's very appreciated. And because, it seems like the Euro LEDs are acting in various ways in our US e46s, these resistors' temperatures may vary as well. And because of these varying degrees of temperatures, the resistor's manufacturer and/or seller has to make the claim as stated above in red to release themselves from any liabilities.

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